Useful Links

Websites for women living with HIV

SHE – empowering women with HIV
is a website developed by and for women living with HIV all over the world.

Speaking up: The diary of a HIV+ activist
is a blog that encourages women with HIV to contribute stories and news about living with HIV.

Dianne Nyoni
is a positive speaker who uses her storytelling to empower other women and combat stigma.

A girl like me
is a blog where women of all ages share their stories of living with HIV.

The well project
is a website with information for women living with HIV with medical and wellbeing information.

The Body: HIV/AIDS resources centre for women
is a US website providing support and information to women living with HIV.

Womenshealth.gov: HIV/AIDS empowering women to live healthier lives
is a US website with information resources for women living with HIV.

Contacts to services

My Journey Resource Booklet
provides information support and information services, internet resources, understanding test results and HIV myths and facts, produced by PWV, 2013.

Information and support services resource for women living with HIV in Victoria
produced by Positive Women Victoria, 2013.

Positive Speakers Bureau
Produced by Living Positive Victoria. The Positive Speakers Bureau members are the human face of HIV and help to reduce fear, myths, stigma, and discrimination and to more fully understand the realities of living with HIV. The Positive Speakers Bureau is run by and for HIV positive people who are highly trained public speakers and presenters. 

Common Threads - Stories of pregnancy, parenting and living with HIV
tells the stories of women experiencing childbirth and child-rearing whilst living with HIV. Available in hard copy only. To access a copy please contact the office on (03) 9863 8747 or email us.

A Body of Knowledge
raises awareness of the experience of living with HIV as a woman in Australia. It is a compilation of stunning photographs and text, published by Positive Women Victoria, 2007. Available in hard copy only. To access a copy please contact the office on (03) 9863 8747 or email us.

For newly diagnosed women

Next steps
is a resource booklet with information on what to do after you have been diagnosed with HIV, produced by NAPWA.

Info for heterosexual people living with HIV
is a factsheet for newly diagnosed heterosexual people, produced by NAPWA, 2010.

My Journey Kit
is a series of booklets sharing stories and hope from women living with HIV, covering issues from diagnosis to facing the future with HIV, produced by PWV, 2013.

Living well and treatments

Treat Yourself Right
is a resource on diagnosis, treatments and women’s health, produced by AFAO, 2007.

Your body blue print for HIV and healthy living
is a website on HIV and healthy living for men and women, produced by AFAO 2013.

Top tips for living well
is a guide for staying healthy and living well with HIV, produced by NAPWA and AFAO, 2009.

Depression and HIV/AIDS
is a resource on dealing with depression and HIV, produced by National Institute of Mental Health, USA, 2011.

Relationships and sex

Happy healthy and hot
is a resource on sex and relationships for young women living with HIV, produced by International Planned Parenthood Association, UK, 2012.

HIV and children

HIV and Women
is a webpage with information on having children, produced by Better Health Channel, 2013.

Tips on telling your child you have HIV
this resource is part of the Speaking Up! Blog for HIV+ activists, by Angelina Namiba, 2013

Women, gender and HIV

HIV Statistics in Australia: Women
is the AFAO webpage summarising recent statistics on HIV and women in Australia, AFAO, 2013.

What works for women and girls
is a website with a comprehensive review of data from HIV/AIDS interventions for women and girls from all over the world.

The Australian Context

The Melbourne Declaration
is a strategic commitment to Australia’s HIV testing, prevention and treatment responses and meeting our commitments under the United Nations 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS, 2012.