The Storywall Project

The Storywall project is an initiative by Positive Women Victoria in partnership with The Alfred, initiated as part of our 2016 World AIDS Day Women and HIV Breakfast.

We asked 19 women affected by or affecting HIV to submit a short blurb about their experiences and an image of themselves, or an item they felt represented their story.

We wanted to provide a safe way for women to be “visible” on their own terms. We knew a number of strong female advocates existed in the community, but there were also many working in the HIV sector. So why not bring them together? The Storywall is the chorus of these powerful women. It celebrates their collective knowledge, experiences and journeys.

It’s our belief that by giving voice to women affected by or affecting HIV in Victoria, we can reframe some of the negative and stigmatising rhetoric around women living with HIV and present them as we see them: strong, diverse and successful.

The names and faces of all the women who have shared their story may not be visible, but we ask, does this diminish the insights they have to share? Not one bit.


This is a living project. If you would like to add your voice to our Storywall you can do so by contacting our Health Promotion and Communications Coordinator, Juliette: healthpromotion@positivewomen.org.au