My Positive Journey Kit

The My Positive Journey Kit (the Kit) has been written by and for women living with HIV and is divided into five themes, each focussed around a positive women's story, and highlighted by comments and quotes from other women about their experiences of living with HIV.

It is designed to provide information and support to all women living with HIV and an insight into the realities and needs health and community professionals should be aware of when supporting women living with HIV.

Developing the My Positive Journey Kit

The My Positive Journey Kit was developed over two years as an action research project conducted by Positive Women Victoria. Thirty-two women from Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania were either surveyed or interviewed about their experiences of living with HIV.

The research sought to identify what the experience of living with HIV has been like for women and what advice they would give to women who have recently been diagnosed with HIV. Each booklet has been designed to enable the voices of women living with HIV to speak to other women now living with HIV. The booklets have been written by using the women’s own words and collating the stories, wisdom and experiences that were gathered through the action research project. And, at the centre of each booklet, is the message of hope for the future.

The My Positive Journey Kit Resources

The Kit explores a lifespan of experiences. There are five booklets addressing diagnosis, disclosure and discrimination, new relationships, taking care of ourselves and the future.

The Kit also provides a booklet on resources and support services, a personal Journal for women to write their own journey in, affirmation cards and tips for the journey from other women living with HIV.

Download and read Ms Bev Greet, Founder and Chair of PWV, My Positive Journey Kit Launch speech, Our Journey, establishing Positive Women Victoria, May 2013.

My Journey Kit Launch Speech My Journey Kit Launch Speech (111 KB)

Download the My Positive Journey Kit resources below:

Introduction to the My Journey Kit Introduction to the My Journey Kit (63 KB)

1. Diagnosis 1. Diagnosis (395 KB)

2. Disclosure and discrimination 2. Disclosure and discrimination (355 KB)

3. New relationships 3. New relationships (237 KB)

4. Taking care of me 4. Taking care of me (311 KB)

5. The future 5. The future (349 KB)

6. My Journal, My Journey 6. My Journal, My Journey (0 KB)

7. Resources 7. Resources (180 KB)

Affirmations Affirmations (617 KB)

Tips for the Journey Tips for the Journey (558 KB)

The My Journey Kits containing the booklets, a personal journal, a candle, and thirty affirmation cards, are only available to women living with HIV.

Services are able to order copies of the booklets and request the full Kit for women they are working with.

Order the Kit

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Provide Feedback

We are currently updating the My Positive Journey Kit and we are looking for feedback so that we can improve our resource, to make it relevant, useful and engaging! So, if you would like to provide some feedback or give us some of your fresh ideas, email us at healthpromotion@positivewomen.org.au