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Contacts to Services for Women Living with HIV

Phoenix for Women

If you are a woman who has been recently diagnosed with HIV, or have been living with the virus for some time and want to engage with other woman living with HIV, this workshop is for you. The two-day Phoenix Workshop is peer-led by other women and covers treatments, disclosure, dating and relationships, HIV prevention for partners, sexual health, living well with HIV and much more. You will walk away more knowledgeable about HIV and equip with more tools to manage your diagnosis. All meals are provided and in-home childcare is available for the duration of the workshop. Phoenix is run and facilitated through a collaboration between Positive Women Victoria and Living Positive Victoria. For more information about our next workshop, please email: info@positivewomen.org.au or give us a call on (03) 9863 8747

Positive Speakers Bureau

Produced by Living Positive Victoria. The Positive Speakers Bureau members are the human face of HIV and help to reduce fear, myths, stigma, and discrimination and to understand the realities of living with HIV. The Positive Speakers Bureau is ran by and for HIV positive people who are highly trained public speakers and presenters.

Multicultural Health Support Service - Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health

Information about Sexual health, Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections for people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds.

The Positive Living Centre (PLC)

The PLC is a vibrant and safe environment for all people living with HIV. The PLC’s main aim is to enhance the health and well-being of HIV positive people, through the provision of social, emotional, recreational and skills-based services and activities. Many services are provided free-of-charge and are delivered by a range of skilled facilitators, staff and volunteers. The PLC is a part of Thorne Harbour Health (formally known as the Victorian AIDS Council. The PLC is a drop-in centre.

The FemFatales

Femfatales (the National Network of Women living with HIV) is an advisory group, constituted to provide collaboration between those involved in policy and advocacy work for women living with HIV in Australia.

Women of Hope - Australia

An online support and advocacy group for women living with HIV in Australia


Online and site-based outreach services for people who are working in sex work in Victoria. Providing health promotion and support services.

Vixens Collective

Peer-only sex worker advocacy organisation

Websites for Women Living with HIV


resources on HIV for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and health services across Australia. 

The Well Project
a website with information for women living with HIV with medical and well-being information.

The Body: HIV/AIDS resources centre for women
a US website providing support and information to women living with HIV.

Womenshealth.gov: HIV/AIDS empowering women to live healthier live

a US website with information resources for women living with HIV.

The HIVE Online

a US website with information, articles and videos for women living with HIV.

The International Community of Women Living with HIV

The only global network by and for women living with HIV

Speaking up: The diary of an HIV+ activist
a blog that encourages women with HIV to contribute stories and news about living with HIV.

Dianne Nyoni
a positive speaker who uses her storytelling to empower other women and combat stigma.

A Girl Like Me
a blog where women of all ages share their stories of living with HIV.


Interstate Services for Women living with HIV

Aids Action Council

Services for people living with HIV in the ACT


An organisation for heterosexual people at risk of, or living with HIV in New South Wales.

HIV Women's Health Program

The HIV Women’s Health Program supports and assists women from all cultural backgrounds who are living with, or affected by HIV. This is for women who live in South Australia only.

Positive Life

Support and advocacy organisation that provides information and targeted referrals, and advocate to change systems and practices that discriminate against people with HIV, friends, family and carers in NSW.

Sex Workers Outreach Program

Australia's largest and longest established community based peer education sex worker organisation focused on HIV, STI & hepatitis C prevention, education and health promotion for sex workers in NSW.

Queensland Positive People

QPP is a peer-based advocacy organisation which is committed to actively promoting self-determination and empowerment for all people living with HIV (PLHIV) throughout Queensland.

Western Australian AIDS Council

The WA AIDS Council is a non-profit that provides counselling, wellness, referral, general and financial assistance to people living with HIV; needle and syringe exchange programs; professional training and development for health sector workers and a range of support and prevention education services to target audiences at risk of HIV, sexually transmitted infections and blood borne virus transmissions.

Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC)

NTAHC delivers a range of programs aimed at preventing the transmission of blood borne viruses (BBVs) and provides support for people living with a blood borne virus. Programs are delivered in urban and remote communities via health promotion and one on one care and support.

Wellness Resources

U=U for Women ICASO Booklet

Multi-lingual Fact Sheets for women living with HIV

The Women & HIV Factsheets provide basic information about HIV and are particularly appropriate for women who have been recently diagnosed with HIV, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD).

Women Living Well

an online resource providing information about some of the key issues for women living with HIV

Better Health - Women Living with HIV

a resource on information about women living with HIV in Australia

My Journey Kit
a series of booklets sharing stories and hope from women living with HIV, covering issues from diagnosis to facing the future with HIV, produced by PWV in 2013.

Common Threads - Stories of pregnancy, parenting and living with HIV

Tells the stories of women experiencing childbirth and child-rearing whilst living with HIV. Available in hard copy only. To access a copy please contact the office on (03) 9863 8747 or email us.

Counselling for women living with HIV

Through a partnership with Living Positive Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health, members of Positive Women Victoria are able to access counselling services from the South Bank Office location. These services are at a reduced fee. For more information around this, contact the team on (03) 9863 8747 or email info@positivewomen.org.au

Your body blue print for HIV and healthy living
is a website on HIV and healthy living for men and women, produced by AFAO 2013.

Depression and HIV/AIDS
is a resource on dealing with depression and HIV, produced by National Institute of Mental Health, USA, 2011.


A factsheet on HPV rick-factors for women living with HIV

Treatment as Prevention

An online guide to the benefits of being on treatment for women living with HIV

Relationships and sex

Life and Love with HIV

Is a website with information and blogs written by women living with HIV. The blogs are focused on sex and pleasure and living with HIV. This is a sex-positive website that celebrates diversity amongst people.

My First Time

A podcast that explores sexuality, gender and kink. There’s an episode on sex and HIV which we recommend having a listen to.

Happy healthy and hot
a resource on sex and relationships for young women living with HIV, produced by International Planned Parenthood Association, UK, 2012.

HIV and Women
is a webpage with information on having children, produced by Better Health Channel, 2013. The webpage details information around safe sex for women living with HIV.

Romantic Disclosure: Figuring Out How to Tell Romantic and Sexual Partners

An online guide on how to disclose your HIV status to romantic and/or sexual partners

HIV and children

Preventing HIV during Pregnancy/Breastfeeding: PEP and PrEP

An online factsheet on Pregnancy/Breastfeeding and the use and difference between PEP and PrEP

HIV and Breastfeeding

Online resource created by The Well Project to inform women about U=U and the benefits and risks of breastfeeding.

The Well Project – Disclosing to your child

Resource providing information and suggestions on how to disclose to children

How Do I Tell My Kids?

Booklet for adults who are thinking about telling their children that someone in the family is living with HIV

AidsMap – Talking to your child about HIV

Tips on telling your child you have HIV
this resource is part of the Speaking Up! Blog for HIV+ activists, by Angelina Namiba, 2013

I Can’t Go To School Today

A series of animated documentaries exploring the experiences of children living with different illnesses and conditions. Using the testimonies of sex young people, animations are used to tell their story visually.

HIV and Ageing

A Pocket Guide on Ageing for Women Living with HIV

Women, gender and HIV

Brazen: Trans Women’s Safer Sex Guide 

An online guide made in Canada for women with a Trans experience. The guide includes information on sex, sexuality, gender, sex work, the medical system, STI’s and HIV.

Women Lovin: A sexual Health Guide for Queer Women  

HIV Statistics in Australia: Women
the AFAO webpage summarising recent statistics on HIV and women in Australia, AFAO, 2013.

What works for women and girls
a website with a comprehensive review of data from HIV/AIDS interventions for women and girls from all over the world.

A Body of Knowledge

raises awareness of the experience of living with HIV as a woman in Australia. It is a compilation of stunning photographs and text, published by Positive Women Victoria, 2007. Available in hard copy only. To access a copy please contact the office on (03) 9863 8747 or email us.

The Australian Context

HALC Lawyers: Legal Advice

HALC provides a free service and is part of VAC and is run by professional volunteers. HALC provides legal advice to people living with and affected by HIV within Victoria. People ‘affected’ includes partners, family members, close friends and carers, of a person living with HIV.

HIV and the Law

National HIV Strategy 2014-2017